Privacy Policy and Terms of use

Privacy Policy

OnlineChatMeeting collects certain personal data that are entered by the USER freely in order to be able to use the different services offered by ONLINECHATMEETING. ONLINECHATMEETING informs that it will automatically manage this data for the administration, extension and improvement of its services as well as for technical and commercial purposes on the offered services. In any case, the data collected and processed by ONLINECHATMEETING is only basic for the purposes indicated above. Some of the data can be publicly displayed through ONLINECHATMEETING services, such as the profile service. In this case the user will have the option to decide what data they want to be public and who will show them and which will be private. ONLINECHATMEETING is not responsible for the data that the user has published and / or shown through the services and third parties can make use of them, even though they have changed the privacy options later. Likewise ONLINECHATMEETING collects certain basic data of sources accessible to the public with the objective of performing commercial tasks on the services that the entity provides.

Terms of use

Likewise, we are going to give some basic guidelines so that your experience in the Random Chat is the best thing possible:

  • It is always preferable to use a webcam with a lot of ambient light, so that you can see it well.
  • Always be polite with people, as if you were in school, institute, or work. In the chat there are people and therefore you have to be educated with them.
  • If you want to be more successful in Chat Random, it is always original to be dressed differently, wearing a mask, a disguise ... All kinds of original things that will surely generate lots of laughter among users.
  • Try to engage in interesting conversations with people to get to know them better. The video chat always helps, but do not forget that it is about having a fun time and enriching your life with new friendships.